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Question: Hi. I am in need of a horizontal plastic tank that I can use for storage of potable water. What do you have available?

Answer: plastic leg tanksFor the storage of drinking water around your site, a great option is the horizontal Plastic Leg Tank. This self-supporting tank is designed to store your materials without the need for additional supports, bands, or even saddles.

These storage tanks are available in both a natural white and algae-resistant black for storage in either an indoor or outdoor locations. Typically the black polyethylene material is advised for storage in outdoor locations as it is designed to block out sunlight and prevent algae growth inside your tank.

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As with most of the tanks found on this site, this unit is made from a polyethylene material that is highly resistant to rust, corrosion and several different materials. Typical features found on these tanks include:

  • 1.5 Specific Gravity: This is high enough to hold water as well as chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and more.
  • FDA Approved Resin
  • Molded Grooves: These grooves equip the tank for usage with bands or stainless steel hoops.
  • 10" Vented Lid
  • Gallon Marker on the End of the Tank: This allows customers to easily gauge how much material is left inside their tank.
  • Capacity: 125-800 gallon models available


As with any poly tank, standard benefits for use include a high resistance to rusting and corrosion that helps keep your tank strong through use in outdoor or indoor locations. Other benefits found include:

  • Self-Supporting: The built in legs on these tanks give it a self-supporting design that has been a favorite for both stationary and portable applications. Tanks can be easily moved in the back of a pickup truck and other vehicles without the need for additional supports.
  • Multi-Purpose: In addition to being suitable for drinking water storage, this horizontal plastic tank is also equipped to handle chemicals and other materials up to a 1.5 specific gravity. This is perfect for use as a sprayer or transport tank.

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