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Liquid Storage Totes

ibc toteIBC totes for sale by the truckload, in 275 gallon or 330 gallon sizes, and at prices that will fit your budget. Choices include Brand New IBC Totes for sale, Rebottled IBC Totes, and Cageless totes (CageBuster). These liquid storage totes will safely store a wide range of liquids, including potable water, water-based solutions, or chemicals. IBC totes stack to maximize the volume of liquid storage.

IBC totes are easy to load, unload, and move using a forklift or pallet jack. Stack these caged water tanks 3 or 4 high. Once the totes reach the end of their useful service life, IBC totes are fully recyclable.

IBC Totes for sale by the truckload ONLY. Enjoy a volume discount! NO single unit sales.

Our friendly staff is here to help you get the exact tank you need!

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IBC tote infographic

*The steel cage, pallet, and polyethylene resin are all FDA-approved which means these IBC totes are safe to store potable water.

**Will safely hold most hazardous chemicals, food syrups like molasses, petrochemical products, many acids, liquid fertilizers and liquid feed.

IBC Tote Features:

  • 6″ threaded top fill ports and 2″ bottom drain ball valves with male quick disconnect couplers
  • FDA certified, BAP free, food grade, virgin HDPE, ASNI/NSF 61 approved for potable water and food grade applications
  • Ultraviolet inhibitors provide resistance to sunlight degradation
  • Dispensing nozzles and other additional IBC tote equipment available.

IBC Tote Benefits:

  • Available in 275 or 320 gallon IBC Tote sizes. Ask us about IBC tote dimensions, if needed.
  • Stackable water storage tanks - cube design saves storage space
  • Eco-friendly composition can be fully recycled when the tank’s useful life is over
  • Portable, easily loaded and offloaded for transportation with a forklift
  • Translucent tank, allows for easy liquid gauging


  • Potable water
  • Food grade applications
  • Water based solutions (fertilizers, herbicides, etc.)
  • Most chemical solutions (please ask us for details!)

For liquids that need to be kept at certain temperatures, we offer IBC Tote Heater Blankets. IBC Tote heater blankets provide advanced insulation that prevents heat loss and protects IBC tanks to -40°F/-40°C. The adjustable thermostat controller and internal thermostats keep your tote’s temperature constant. Our IBC tote tank heaters provide safe, continual heating, making sure your totes are stored at the best temperature. See: Tote Heater Blanket

ibc for plastic rectangular tanksMaximize the volume of liquids that can be stored in the amount of space available! These IBC totes are steel caged polyethylene IBC toted are designed for high mobility, effective use, and transportation. For stackable water storage tanks that are engineered specifically for portability, contact us today!

Call us for a quote or to get your questions answered about the options for IBC totes for sale! Our friendly customer service team is here to serve you!

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