Polypropylene Tank Fabrication

Custom Plastic Tanks

 white polypropylene tankIf you need a dependable, efficient and cost-effective solution for your liquid storage needs, look no further than our polypropylene tank fabrication. These tanks are made from quality polypropylene, a material that can withstand high impacts, even at low temperatures. Plastic tank fabrication offers strength and durability for your job. Custom plastic tanks can be used for various purposes, such as chemical storage, water storage, waste management, food processing, biomedical and pharmaceutical equipment, and more.

Avoid leaks and corrosion with custom poly tanks.  They are created with a smooth and seamless lining that makes them extremely durable and also and improves the tank’s chemical resistance. Custom polypropylene tanks allow you to get a customized solution that suits your specific needs and budget. Order today to enjoy fast delivery and first-rate customer service!

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Custom Water Tanks

custom white tank with connectionsPlastic fabrication can save you time and money. Use plastic tanks for construction, engineering, or manufacturing. Custom poly tanks are also a cost-effective solution compared to other bonding methods such as adhesives or fasteners. Create a strong, durable and seamless bond that can withstand harsh chemicals, high temperatures and heavy loads. Our custom plastic tanks can handle shocks, drops and impacts without cracking or breaking. They can also handle cold storage, refrigeration or freezing applications without losing their strength or flexibility. They do not require additional maintenance costs and reduce labor.


  • Leak Free
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Seamless Lining
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective


  • Impact Strength at Low Temperatures
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Customizable
  • Excellent Formability
  • Versatile

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Custom Plastic Tanks

We provide custom plastic tanks in virtually any size and with a number of custom options so you can select the precise tank for your needs. Options include freestanding, process tanks, roto mold tanks, water storage tanks, and chemical storage tanks. If you need a small or large tank, a cylindrical or rectangular shape, single or double wall construction, we can make it for you.

plastic storage tanks plastic bulk tanks plastic chemical storage tank
Water and Liquid Storage Tanks Custom Tank Fabrication Process Tanks
plastic mixing tanks plastic rectangular tanks open top plastic tanks
Free Standing Tanks

Roto Mold Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks

plastic mixing tanks plastic rectangular tanks open top plastic tanks
Turnkey Process Systems Process Dip Baskets Tank Covers and Hoods

Custom Plastic Tank Applications

Use custom poly tanks have a variety of applications, such as chemical storage, water storage, food processing, waste management, irrigation, and more.

Common uses are:

  • Rainwater Collection
  • Fuel Storage
  • Wastewater
  • Emergency Water
  • Chemical Processing
  • Irrigation
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Water Storage
  • Semiconductor Production
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Equipment

Other Custom Options

Use our custom plastic fabrication process for any project you have in mind. If you need custom tanks, pipes, valves, fittings or other components, we can make them for you in any shape or size. We can also help you with other services, such as drop-in liners, drip pans, turnkey process systems, duct vents, and replacement centrifuges. We have DIY Kits, flanges, spill containment cabinets, tank repair, and more. Whatever you need, we can help you with it.

plastic storage tanks plastic bulk tanks plastic chemical storage tank
Drip Pan Flange #150 Rating Emergency Spill Cabinet
plastic mixing tanks plastic rectangular tanks open top plastic tanks
Duct and Vent Fume Control

DIY Repair Kits

Acid Recovery Centrifuge
plastic mixing tanks plastic rectangular tanks open top plastic tanks
Duct and Hoods Liners Secondary Containment Liner

Additional Products

Along with all of our plastic tanks and accessories, we also have other products to fit your project needs. From PVC duct to galvanizing tanks, and sneeze guards to level sensors, we produce and repair a wide selection of products for your business.

plastic storage tanks plastic bulk tanks plastic rectangular tanks
Electropolishing and Anodizing Tanks Combustion  Equipment Custom Projects
plastic mixing tanks plastic chemical storage tank open top plastic tanks
PVC Projects Tank Repair PVC Ducting
plastic mixing tanks open top plastic tanks plastic rectangular tanks
Level Sensors Sneeze Guards Tank Agitation

Eco Friendly Custom Plastic Storage

Eco Friendly logoOur custom plastic tank provides a sustainable solution for environmentally responsible water storage.  Manufactured with non-toxic material, tanks have a low carbon emission during their life cycle. Our tanks withstand harsh environments, resist UV damage, and last longer than other tanks. You can reuse or recycle plastic tanks for other purposes once they reach the end of their service life, decreasing the environmental impact. Reduce your carbon footprint with our flexible, cost-effective plastic tanks.

Need another custom tank? In addition to polypropylene tank fabrication. , we have a variety of other custom tanks styles and processes available, including: roto mold, corrugated, bolted steel, and fiberglass tanks. We can help you find the tank you need!

See our many custom tank options:
Custom tank options pdf.

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