1000 Liter Water Tank

Horizontal Water Storage Tank

Question: Hello. I am looking for a 1000 liter water tank that I can put on the back of a trailer. Do you have anything?

Answer: 1000 liter water tankSince you are looking to transport this tank, a great choice would be one of our horizontal storage tanks. When compared to a vertical tank, the horizontal tanks have a much lower center of gravity that allow them to be easily moved in new locations.

For around 1000 liters, the closest unit would be a 300 gallon Leg Tank. This tank is self supporting and can be easily placed in the back of vehicles or on skids for smooth transportation.

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The horizontal leg tank is an ideal unit for transportation and is equipped with many features to safely store and transport your water. Some of these features include:

  • Polyethylene Construction: The poly construction has a high resistance to several chemicals, rust, and corrosion.
  • Leg Tank Design: These tanks contain molded in legs for increased stabilization and support. While these tanks can operate with a skid or saddle, they are not necessary for transportation.
  • 1.5 Specific Gravity: The resin of this tank contains a specific gravity of 1.5 for the safe storage of water and many different chemicals.
  • Grooves: Each tank additionally contains grooves that have been molded into each end of the tank. These grooves are ideal for securing steel bands or steel hoops that lock your tank down while in transport.
  • FDA Approved Resin: The resins for these tanks also contain an FDA approval for the safe storage of potable water.
  • UV Stabilized: All tanks have been UV stabilized for safe use in outdoor locations.

In order to provide you with approximately 1000 liters of storage capacity, the 300 gallon leg tank would be ideal. This tank can provide you with approximately 1135 liters of storage. Other sizes include:

  • 125 gallons (473 liters)
  • 230 gallons (870 liters)
  • 252 gallons (954 liters)
  • 800 gallons (3028 liters)

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