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500 Liter Water Tank

Hi. I am looking for a 500 liter water tank that can be used for a water cooling system. It needs to be able to store around 500 liters of water and I would prefer if it was rectangular and low to the ground. Should also be available with a lid. What would you recommend?

500 liter water tankFor the type of water storage you have mentioned, something like the Plastic Rectangular Transport Tank would be a great choice. These tanks are typically self-supporting and can be used for stationary water storage or water transportation around homes and other locations. These plastic tanks are available in a range of sizes including capacities from 25 to 320 gallons.

In order to reach the 500 liter capacity you requested, the closest available mode would be our 100 gallon unit which would provide you with around 378 liters.

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Transport Tank Features:

The rectangular transport tank has many great features that help with water storage and even transportation. Features include:

  • Self-Supporting Rectangular Design
  • Flat Bottom
  • Easy Shape for Transportation
  • Molded-in Tie Down Slots
  • UV Stabilized for Outdoor Storage
  • FDA Approved Resin
  • Space Saving Style
  • Low Profile

In addition to this closed-top rectangular transportation unit, we also offer several Open Top Rectangular Tanks that might help to better meet your capacity requirements. This open top tank has a much wider range of capacities, including a 135 gallon model which would almost perfectly match your requested tank storage capacity.

plastic rectangular tanksFeatures for this rectangular open top tank include:

  • Open Top Rectangular Tank Design
  • Solid, Supportive Straight Walls
  • One Piece Polyethylene Construction
  • High Impact, Rust, and Corrosion Resistance
  • FDA Approved Resin
  • Available with Several Covers & Lids

Depending on your particular storage requirements, either tank could successfully be used for water cooling storage and applications. Like many of our plastic tanks, both of these units are made from a polyethylene material to offer a high resistance to rust, corrosion and several different environmental factors.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.