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Question: Hi. I am looking for underground fiberglass rainwater tanks that I can use for rainwater harvesting. Do you have any underground tanks in the fiberglass material? If so, what sizes are they available in?

fiberglass rainwater tanksAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! We do offer a Fiberglass Tank that can be used for the underground storage and/or collection of water. These tanks feature an extremely durable outer exterior and have been used in locations such as businesses, industrial facilities, residential areas, job sites, new housing construction, and more.

Fiberglass is an extremely flexible material and can be shaped to several different sizes or specifications. This has allowed tanks to be manufactured specifically to fit the area of space you have available. However, several standard sizes are available in capacities of 525 to 11,000 gallons.

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The underground fiberglass tanks typically uses several different features that help to create a reliable, long-term, underground storage area. Some of these features include:

  • Fiberglass Construction: The fiberglass material is highly flexible and resistant, allowing it to be used in several different locations and applications.
  • One Time Reaction: Unlike other plastic materials, fiberglass has only a one time chemical reaction and then remains inert for the remainder of its storage. This means that fiberglass will not react with items stored inside your tank providing a stronger longer-lasting storage structure.
  • Crack Resistance: Fiberglass is also an extremely durable material that offers a high resistance to cracking, leaking, rusting, denting, and corrosion. This creates a strong outer shell that can contain various materials without fear of items leaking or seeping out of your tank.
  • High Resistance: When constructing a fiberglass tank, the basins of the tank are made according to the type of material you are looking to store. If, for instance, you are looking for a drinking water storage tank, this fiberglass unit will be constructed using a basin that is equipped to safely store potable water.

In addition, fiberglass offers a natural resistance to several different elements and outdoor materials. This helps to safely store your materials inside the fiberglass tank without fear of damage to the exterior due to underground conditions.

As mentioned previously, these underground fiberglass rainwater tanks are made in the standard sizes of 525 to 11,000 gallons.

If you require a tank within a specific size range or if you require a tank in a capacity you do not see on the list, please don't hesitate to send us your individual specifications.

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