RV Portable Waste Water Tank

Waste Water Caddy

Question: I am looking for a portable RV wastewater tank. I need it to be easy to transport so I can use it on my camping trip. Do you have anything like this?

waste water caddyAnswer: For wastewater storage during camping trips and on RVs, a great option is our Waste Water Caddy. This portable tank comes with wheels, hoses, slide valves, pumps, and more so your wastewater storage is as easy and hassle-free as possible. Built with easily transported handles, this caddy has been used on RVs, campers, remote job sites, and even during emergency and humanitarian relief efforts.

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This portable caddy includes several features that help to provide you with a place for wastewater storage as well as a unit that can be easily emptied. Features for this caddy include:

  • waste water caddy28 gallon storage capacity
  • 10 Foot Hose to pump and discharge water
  • 3" Slide Valve for easy evacuation
    • Evacuation Kits are also available
  • Manual Pump, hand operated
  • Pneumatic non-sparking tires for smooth transportation
  • Shut-off Valve to help prevent overflow and spillage

In addition, each caddy also contains:

  • Vented Cap
  • Molded-in Baffle
  • Molded Hose Holders
  • Quick Disconnect Fitting
  • Intake Hose threads fit Standard Deck Fittings (1 1/2" or 1 1/4")
  • Dimensions:
    • 22 1/2" Depth
    • 27 1/2" Width
    • 41" Height



Some of the many benefits found when using this wastewater caddy include:

  • Portable: With pneumatic tires, these caddies can be easily transported with you for wastewater storage and then rolled to a dump station for easy evacuation.
  • Hose, Pump, & Valves: These help to increase the value of your unit by providing an easy way to clean out and use your caddy.

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