Vertical Water Tanks

Green Exteriors for Algae-Resistant Water Storage

Question: I am looking for vertical water tanks to store an emergency supply of drinking water. Do you have these tanks? Which is best for drinking water?

Answer: vertical plastic tankFor drinking water storage, a great choice is our Vertical Plastic Holding Tank. These tanks are designed specifically for water storage and come in sizes ranging anywhere from 45 to 10,000 gallons. They have been used to store drinking water around homes, businesses, industrial facilities, and more.

Typically when storing drinking water, the most recommended choice is a tank with a darker exterior, such as black or green. These tanks are less likely to allow light to pass through your tank, reducing your risk of algae growth inside the tank.

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Advantages of the Vertical Tank

  • Green Exterior: Reduces light exposure to prevent algae growth
  • FDA Approved Resin for safe potable water storage
  • UV Stabilized: In addition to a green exterior, these tanks are further equipped for outdoor storage through this UV stabilization. This can help you store your tank in outdoor locations.
  • High Rust, Corrosion, and Impact Resistance


Typical Uses for this Vertical Tank

  • Residential Emergency Water Supply
  • Industrial Drinking Water Supply
  • Spring Water Collection
  • Water Collection Later Used for Drinking Water
  • Long-Term Water Storage


Standard Features Found on Most Vertical Tanks

  • Threaded Inlets and Outlets
  • Vented Twist Entry
  • Polyethylene Construction
  • Dome Top
  • Closed Top
  • FDA Approved Resin

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