Double Wall Tanks

Plastic Tanks for Durable Storage

Assortment of Sizes


These Double Wall Tanks are quality plastic tanks that are designed with dual walls to provide you with double wall tanks more efficient and lasting storage of your materials.

With an secondary tank wall that complies with 40CFR-264.135, these double wall tanks cansafely store hazardous or potentially harmful materials and prevent them from entering the environment. Additionally, their enclosed top design keeps stored materials safe and prevents necessary liquids, such as rain or snow, from entering the tank an causing it to overflow.

Made from polyethylene, a material high in resistance to impact, chemicals, rusting, and corroding, these tanks are safe and efficient units for storing all your materials.

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  • Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors
  • Helps to Keep you in Compliance
  • Saves Floor Space
  • Blocks Outside Elements from Entering into the Tank
  • Second Layer of Protection
  • Also Capable of Storing Fuel

Typical Plastic Tank Applications:

  • Storage of Hazardous Materials
  • Fuel or Oil Storage


Double Wall Storage Tank

Capacity (gal) Size in Inches
(dia x height)
50 27 x 38
100 35 x 39
150 34 x 48
200 41 x 52
350 52 x 56
500 59 x 71
1000 74 x 85
2000 86 x 156
3000 120 x 138
4000 120 x 165
5000 120 x 181
6000 120 x 204

Standard Versions of these Tanks come with a Vented Manway, Non-Vented or Hinged Manways are also Available


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