Plastic Cone Tanks

Cone Storage Tanks For Storage of Liquids

plastic cone tanksThese Plastic Cone Tanks have the shape and material structuring to provide you with a tank that will support your materials with limited wear and tear.

Equipped with a polyethylene construction, these tanks have a high resistance to variety of different chemicals makes them a versatile storage option.

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  • Safe for Storing Potable Water
  • Black Exterior Helps Prevent the Growth of Algae
  • Can Safely Store Chemicals
  • Capable of Handling Outdoor Elements
  • Cone Bottom Helps Facilitate a More Thorough Cleaning
  • When used with Trailer, Transports Easily Around Your Area

Typical Plastic Tank Applications:

  • Portable Water Around Job Sites or Agricultural Areas
  • Portable Fertilizer
  • Chemical Storage

Plastic Cone Tank Technical Specifications

Dimensions (dia. x L)
15 19" x 23" 8" 2" outlet
15 24" x 21"  16" 2" outlet
30 24" x 28"  16" 2" outlet
35 23" x 29"  8" 2" outlet
60 31" x 32" 16" 2" outlet
60 24" x 42"  16" 2" outlet
75 33" x 43" 22" 2" outlet
80 32" x 37"  16" 2" outlet
100 33" x 50"  22" 2" outlet
150 33" x 66" 22" 2" outlet


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