Horizontal Leg Poly Tank

Portable Poly Tanks

Question: (Florida) I am in need of a horizontal leg poly tank that I can transport around my farm. Do you have these? If so, what can I store in this type of tank?

Answer: We have a variety of different horizontal leg poly tanks that could be easily transported around your facility. Depending on the amount of liquid you need to store, you can choose from any of the following tanks for either water or chemical storage.

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Standard Horizontal Leg Tank

plastic leg tanksThe standard horizontal leg tank is designed to offer you standard storage of your materials and has the following features:

  • Standard Capacity: 125 to 800 gallon
  • No saddles required for support
  • Mounts easily
  • Materials Commonly Stored:
    • Agricultural Fertilizers
    • Drinking Water (Algae resistant black model available)
    • Spraying Water
    • Liquid Chemical Solutions
  • Molded grooves for securing tank with bands

Small Capacity Leg Tanks

plastic rain water tankFor smaller jobs or applications, this plastic lawn and garden tank can be a great choice. It has some of the following features:

  • Small Capacity: 15, 25, 50, or 100 gallons
  • Molded area for a hose wrap makes them ideal for use as a spray tank
  • FDA approved resin for potable water
  • Mounts easily to vehicles and trailers
  • Can be bolted to a base or skid
  • Also available in a diesel compatible model

Large Capacity Elliptical Leg Tanks

large plastic tanksFor large capacity liquid storage, an elliptical leg tank can be a great choice. This tank offers all the standard advantages of a leg tank but provides more storage capacity for larger jobs.

  • Large Capacity: 200 to 4035 gallons
  • Mounts to skid for easy non DOT transportation
  • Available in 2 models:
    • Industrial grade: 1.9 specific gravity for heavy chemicals or solutions
    • Commercial grade: 1.5 specific gravity for water and other lighter chemicals and materials
  • Often used for the following storage materials:
    • Potable water
    • Fertilizer tank
    • Water storage and transport around jobs, sites and locations

To view more options for this kind of liquid storage, please feel free to browse through our complete Plastic Water Storage Tank or Chemical Storage Tank variety.

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