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Water Storage Tanks Plastic Elliptical Model

with FDA Approved Resin

Polyethylene Elliptical Tank

Looking for water storage tanks plastic and elliptical? These tanks are just right for you! The resin used to manufacture the tanks is approved by the FDA for potable water storage. The UV stabilizer and polyethylene construction boast a long life for a water storage tank plastic, water storage tanks plasticwhile the sump allows for superior cleanout and drainage.

The fillwell is located at either the front edge of close to the end of the tanks for convenient filling and servicing. Fitting for suction, return, and agitation and quickfill can be installed at either the end of the tank or in the sump. The elliptical design offers better visibility, when mounted, and a low center of gravity, especially compared to other round tanks of similar size.

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  • Polyethylene Construction
  • 1.5 Specific Gravity
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Multiple Capacities and Sizes


Typical Plastic Tank Applications:

  • Agricultural Use
  • Industrial Use
  • Sprayer Tank
  • Nurse Tank
  • Potable Water Storage

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Elliptical Tank Technical Specifications

Part Number
Sizes (W x L x H)
41252 200 40" x 66" x 30"
40327 300 48" x 70" x 36" 
40328 500 57" x 82" x 44"
40329 750  69" x 88" x 48" 
40330 1000 78" x 90" x 55" 
47111 1600 78" x 138" x 54"
47677 2550  88" x 142" x 82"


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