Cone Bottom Plastic Tanks

Cylindrical Tank with Built-in Poly Stand

Cylindrical Tank with Built-in Poly Stand

cone bottom plastic tanksTired of cone bottom plastic tanks that require a separate stand? These cylindrical tanks can help! Rather than using the support of a steel stand that is supplied separately,these units come with a built-in stand made entirely of polyethylene.

Equipped with all the advantages of polyethylene, these tanks offer a high resistance to a variety of chemicals as well as to rusting and corroding. This can provide you with a longer lasting tank that is supported and drainable.

The standard version of this tank is made with an open top for easy mixing and pouring of chemicals. If your materials require a more enclosed storage, covers to fit these tanks are also available.

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  • Build-in Polyethylene Stand
  • Cone Bottom Design
  • Open Top
  • High Corrosion Resistance on both the Stand and Tank


  • Easy to Pour Materials into the Tank
  • No Steel Stand to Corrode or Rust
  • Drains Swiftly
  • Light in Weight
  • Requires Less Maintenance
  • Extra Stand Not Needed to Support Cone Tank

Typical Plastic Tank Applications:

  • Chemical Mixing in Various Facilities
  • Temporary Storage of Chemicals that will Later be Drained

Cone Bottom Plastic Tank Technical Specifications

Capacity (gal)
Size in Inches
(dia x height)
15 x 28
15 x 30
18 x 40
22 x 47
30 x 35
30 x 48
42 x 35
31 x 75
42 x 57
42 x 70
Material Options

AP Series--Polyethylene
BP Series--Polypropylene

Tank Covers
AF Series--Polyethylene Covers
AH Series--Polyethylene Hinged Covers
FH Series--Heavy Duty Polyethylene Hinged Covers
EF Series--Bolted Polyethylene Covers


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