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Used Oil Tank

100, 150, 200, 385 Used Oil Poly Tank

Storage for Used Oil

Need a safe place to store used oil? used oil tankThis Used Oil Tank is designed with you in mind! Made using recyclable polyethylene, these tanks offer you secondary containment in a tank that won't rust over time.

In addition to their double wall that offers 110% secondary containment, these tanks offer further safety through an oil level monitoring gauge and automatic overflow shutoff. This will allows you to track how much oil or liquid is in inside your tank at any given time, while still providing room for catching spills and leaks.

Great for use in a variety of facilities, these tanks can provide you with quality storage of hazardous materials that is safe and hassle-free.


  • Offers 110% Secondary Containment
  • Automatic Overflow Shutoff
  • Oil Monitoring Gauge
  • Contains Debris Screen and Strainer
  • 2" External Quick-Release Drain
  • Meets Latest EPA Standards CFR 40-279.22


  • Provides Safety Net for Fluids
  • Resistant to Many Different Weather Conditions
  • Material Used Less Likely to Rust or Corrode
  • Holds up Well in Many Conditions
  • Helps meet Standards for Secondary Containment
  • Can be Cleaned with Only Soap or Water

Typical Plastic Tank Applications:

  • Storing Used Oil, Temporarily or for Later Use
  • In Automotive Shops or Service Stations
  • Storing Windshield Fluids or Anti-Freeze


Used Oil Tanks Technical Specifications

Part Number
Capacity (gal)
Size in Inches
(dia x height)
TC3541DC 100 35 x 41
TC3449DC 150 34 x 49
TC6440DC 385 64 x 42
TC6608OA Spill Pan 66 x 8
TC3604OA Spill Pan 37 x 4


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