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Plastic Conical Tanks

Cylindrical Cone Bottom Tank with Steel Stand

Cylindrical Tank with Steel Stand

These Plastic Conical Tanks feature a cylindrical shape, open top, and cone bottom design that provides plastic conical tanksyou with easy pouring, mixing, storage, and emptying of tank.

Constructed with either linear polyethylene or polypropylene, these cone shaped tanks have a high resistance to a variety of chemicals as well as a resin that complies with U.S. FDA Regulation 177.1520 (c) 3.1 and 3.2. This allows this tank to be used not only for the mixing and storageof chemicals, but also for various other food products like mixing or temporarily storing wines.

Covers for these tanks are available if your materials need to be protected. Regardless of your application, this is a storage tank that can meet your needs!

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  • Easy to Fill and Mix Chemicals within the Tank
  • Drains Smoothly
  • Walls Provide Long-Lasting Use
  • Seamless Construction to Limit Cracks or Leaks
  • Resistance to Rusting and Corroding
  • Can be Used in Many Applications

Typical Plastic Tank Applications:

  • Mixing Chemicals
  • Temporary Storage of Chemicals that will Later be Drained
  • Wine Mixing and Storage
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Plastic Conical Tank Technical Specifications

Part Number
(Material Options at Bottom)
Capacity (gal)
Size in Inches
(dia x height)
TC1113 5 11 x 13
TC1517 10 15 x 17
TC1519 15 15 x 19
TC1829 30 18 x 29
TC2236 55 22 x 36
TC3024 75 30 x 24
TC3036 100 30 x 36
TC4224 125 42 x 24
TC3165 200 31 x 65
TC4246 250 42 x 46
TC4260 350 42 x 60
TC5264 500 52 x 64
TC6258 750 62 x 58
TC6672 1000 66 x 72
TC8448 1000 84 x 48
TC8670 1350 86 x 70
TC7384 1500 73 x 84
TC8086 2000 80 x 86
TC2500 2500 86 x 118
Material Options

CA Series--Linear Polyethylene: Maximum Operating Temperature of 140°
CB Series--Polypropylene: Maximum Operating Temperature of 212°

Tank Covers
AF Series--Polyethylene Covers
AH Series--Polyethylene Hinged Covers
FH Series--Heavy Duty Polyethylene Hinged Covers
EF Series--Bolted Polyethylene Covers


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